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When I was pregnant, A few people said "The worse thing after having…

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When I was pregnant, A few people said "The worse thing after having the baby is you can't get out of bed for hours after".
I assume that is true if you just had a C-Section?
But i didn't.. and as soon as the epidural wore off I was out of the bed and having a shower and walking around.
*laughs*, I remember getting off the bed to go have a shower, i took my gown off and took a step and nearly fell over because my foot still hadn't fully gained feeling in it, god it was funny..you know when your walking and yiur foot just gives way on you..bwahaha.
I had one of the hospital gowns, I did not plan on using one, i had bought in a singlet with me..but when they offered me one ijust took it and i found it to be better, I didn't have to take it home to wash and it was loose fitting and didn't make me feel all hot or anything either.

Everyone will tell you pack SO SO much..But really, Don't.
I will be honest and say i overpakced.. i SERIOUSLY overpacked, even the midwife asked if i was planning on moving in..

Here is some basics I suggest you pack:

Heaps of Knickers
Maternity Pads-perhaps 2 packets (and I highly reccomend KOTEX maternity and not Stayfree because Stayfree ones r uncomfrotable and make you feel like you are wearing a surfboard)
Comfy pajama pants or Trackys (although to be honest i only ever slept in my pj's and a singlet and during the day i got dressed in comfy clothes)
Singlets (Hospitals get really warm)
lipgloss/balm (Yur lips will get really dry, also bring it into the birthing room with you)
Facewashers (good for your partner to wet and put on your face and chest, also good for when you shower)
Moisterisor (Your face gets dry because the heaters are always on in the hospital)
Tissues.. I forgot to pack some and when i asked for one a midwife got me one and firmly said "You were actually required to bring in your own, i cant give you anymore"-I then went and stole a full box to spite her!)

I also packed magazines and my Sex and the City trivia cards, bottles of water and a bottle of Powerade. Of course take a camera or video camera..AND if your making a cd to take in, find out if they have their own cd player for you to use or if you have to bring your own,.also make sure your cd is going to work in all cd players.. I spent weeks making a cd, carefully labbeled the file "Hospital CD", only to take it in the labour room and it not work at all.

Other then them, I packed sooooooooo much other stuff i REALLY did not need.

For baby-
Find out if they supply nappies. Alot of hospitals supply cloth nappies for when your in hospital so they can see how wet the nappies get in the first 2 days to know your babies functioning alright. (From what i know, only public hospitals do this, private don't)
growth suits
and also don't forget a going home outfit!!

We also took Jett's ducky teddy and some lavender bathtime wash that princess_erin20 bought him.

The reason i am making this post (apart from being bored), Is that I overpacked by miles and now know for if I ever have another, to pack way lighter and ithought this might be helpful to those who are expecting! So I hope it helps.

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