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Something upset me on the weekend when we were at my Dads house. We…

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Something upset me on the weekend when we were at my Dads house.

We were eating lunch and i was holding Jett while I was eating, he was awake and really content just sitting there and looking around, and i was fine holding him, i am so used to it that it doesn't worry me, i was only eating a roll.. and my dad had finished his lunch and goes: "here, I'll take Jett, you look like your REALLY struggling there"..

I hate that he needs to say something like that just for a hold, why not ask or just take him or even just say "You finish your lunch and i'll give him some cuddles".

I hate that i sometimes get messages from my sister that says things like: "You should get mum or dad to change Jetts nappy one time", "You should let mum feed Jett before she gos", "Dad didn't get a hold when you guys came over before mum left" "Mum feels like your pushing her away" AND also gets bitchy that we don't go over there all of the time, She sends messages saying "oh well, see you sometime then..", "we'll just see you if your ever free"...

I confronted my mum before she left to Ireland, i asked her "Do you think i am pushing you away because thats what Misty said to me", she was shocked that i asked and that misty would say something like that... it turns out that mum was upset because before i had Jett and she was in Australia, she would tell me to sit while she did dishes when all i wanted to do was help and i kept saying "I am pregnant, not disabled" when she just wanted me to take it easy. And also her and Misty came over and didn't hold Jett because they thought i would get angry for just picking him up.. Like seriously wtf.. In the end I just said "Look don't hang around waiting for me to offer because i won't, If you want a hold, Just ask or just bloody well pick him up".

I just thought of all this when i was emailing a good friend about her pregnancy and how her child will be the first grandchild aswell.. we know parents mean well..but god..sometimes you just want them to back off that little bit. i was so upset my dad said I looked like i was struggling, it had me questioning my own parenting skills.
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