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I was just reading back on all the entries on my bubbahbox…

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I was just reading back on all the entries on my bubbahbox journal, It is the journal i write all my baby stuff in.
I just finished reading my labour story and my god I am so fucking proud of myself.
I didn't cry, i didn't get stressed or nervous, infact I chatted my way through pushing and made jokes about wanting to take the stirupps home, and I wasn't even high on drugs at the time!

I cried once I had him, It was the "omg we have a baby" cry. I cried the day before I had him because i missed my kittys.. but that it all!

I think the reason i had such a good labour and pregnancy is because I relaxed the whole time and did not stress about anything, even when n labour and Jett's heart rate kept dropping, I didn't stress about it, I just kept being positive.
I wonder if I ever have another baby, If everything will go as well as it did first time around.

I'm all teary reading back on my entries, like.. princess_erin20and i always say "omg u have a baby" and it is still that way, i still it and look at Jett and go "omg I can't believe I had you.." because its just...wow :D

And I also laugh reading back on some things, like how mothers out there always tell you thinks and half the time you just want to tell them to get long because you want to experience it yourself.. well... I find myself doing it now.. i think i start most sentences to pregnant women off as "Oh when i was pregnant...". I try stop myself because it is their experience and I should let them have their moments and step back out of the spotlight. I am hwever always here to chat about things and answer questions about anything, omg I love doing it! franno asks me stuff all the time and I feel SO special when she does. like..that she takes the time to email me and ask me and it makes me feel great. the girl across the road does the same thing!! :D

I loved being pregnant, I miss my tummy and the kicking so much!
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