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May 17th, 2007

(no subject)

I pushed myself right out of my comfort zone and joined a new mums group...
and I enjoyed it..

May 3rd, 2007

(no subject)

I love when you find ex boyfriends on myspace and they are fat and sad.

(no subject)

Jett had his 8 week health Nurse check up today.
it all went well.

He now weighs 10lbs, 12 ozs and he has grown 2 cms!!

The only small concern was he got a little bit of a stuffy nose just before we got there and when she was doing his check over, we noticed he was breathing fast and his ribs kept retracting, she had to keep checking his heart rate to see if it was ok or not and advised us to keep an eye on it and see if it gets any worse and if it does then she saaid to go straight to Doctors or hospital.

Talk about a freakout.

So we came home and all afternoon we kept just checking up on him to see if he was alright ornot, he seemed fine but at 6pm David & I decided for our ownpeace of mid to take him to the doctors and get them to just have a check at his heartrate again and see what they think.

The doctor checked his ears and his heart and said he is fine, and told us to come back for a check up on Sunday.

He is feeding fine and sleeping fine and not dehydrated or anything which is all good.

Actually, The health Nurse commented on how alert and happy he seems and also how he has gorgeous eye lashes! haha.

For some reason i was worried about going to the H/Nurse this time, I kept worrying he had put on too much weight and she would say I was force feeding him or something..I just got all these horrible thoughts in my head and I have no idea why..

Oh well.. My babe is doing fine:)

And oh yeh.. I got my rags.. not happy jan.

May 2nd, 2007

(no subject)

Jett.. 7.5 weeks old.

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(no subject)

Jett had his 2 moth immunisations today.
He did so well.
The nurse was such a loon! hehe, she was lovely and i said to David she was such a crack up with little jokes that she probably does it because of all the nervous mothers who go in so that she sorta makes light of the situation or something.
She said Jett was a "fine looking specimen" Bwahaha what a crack up!
He started crying as soon as she took him off me and lyed him down on the table, I reckon its because he was asleep and woke up and realised "OMG IM HUNGRY!!"
She gave him his needles (x3) and he screamed and she opassed him on to David and he just sobbed a little but thats it.
Took him home and gave him a feed and now he is downstairs watching rally with David. he has been smiling & laughing with me this evening and feeding fine, sleeping fine. just keep an eye on him tonight and tomorrow and see how he goes, but so far so good!
Tomorrow he has his health nurse visit. It will be interesting to see what he weighs now, i reckon he has put on sooo much weight!!

April 27th, 2007

(no subject)

I bought a Nurture Sling this week through their site and omg, Its soo good!
I put Jett in it tonight when we went shopping, he loved it!
It distibutes the weight evenly aswell so yu don't end up with the lower back pain of holding a bub for so long in one position, His back was properly supported in it and he slept like well.. a baby!

April 25th, 2007

(no subject)

couple of pictures of Jett.

seeCollapse )

April 20th, 2007

(no subject)

Jett & I had our 6 week check up yesterday.
It all went well.
My Blood pressure is good and my uterus is where it is meant to be.
jetts heart was good and his hips etc are all fine.

He has been a little bit constipated so the Dr told me what i can do for it.

The Dr also suggested i go on the pill soon..and I just said no thankyou.. Like i know it is his job to talk to me about contraception etc..but part of me wanted to tell him this WAS NOT an unplanned pregnancy and that we had been trying and stuff.

Jett has been so good lately, still sleeping really well and feeding is going well aswell.
He is lying in the bassinette at the moment, stertching his arms up over his head and making loud squeeking noises and stuff, it is soo effin adorable!
He's been really alert the pastfew days, smiling, laughing, looking around,
he has discovered the bluebird on his playmat and each time it flaps its wings he opens his mouth wide n his eyes light up and he watches it move back and forth then he laughs at it!!

God I am so in love with my little man it isn't even funny.. !
More pics to come when I can be bothered finding the digi cam!

April 16th, 2007

(no subject)

I always wonder about the other people from the Hospital who had their babies the same time as me. Are their babies sleeping well, What did they name them, are they single parents etc.. I always wonder about one girl in particular from the Diabetes Clinic, she was due on the 27th and I was due on the 25th. I wonder if she had a girl or a boy and how everything is going with her.. Unfortunatly I cannot find out because of confidentiality stuff so I hope i will bump into her one day.

This week consists of mine and Jetts 6 week doctors check up and also my Gluten Tolerance Test to see if the Gestational Diabetes went away anbd if I am diabetes free, or if i actually do have diabetes, Considering there is large family history and I have ethnic background, I am actually at a higher risk of getting it, If not now, in 15 years. But I don't mind, it is easily controlled.

confuzzlette bought Jett a red dog to hang on his bassinette thing thats in his pusher, he looked all lonely in there like he needed a friend.. and omg, he is so in love with it, we take it off it and put it in the car with him and he stares and smiles and laughs at it and makes noises like he is trying to talk to it!! sooo adorably cute!

I think I have mentioned this several times..But "Cotton On Kids" is an evil evil shop- I have spent soooo much money on tops from there the past week, I have been to 5-6 different stores in the past 4 days and bought every top and a couple of pants from there for Jett. I am so in love with their clothes, everythings so teeny and cute and cool, I hate all the cutesy stuff all of the time, The kids gotta be cool..like his mummy! bwahaha.

April 12th, 2007

(no subject)

Jetts health Nurse visits have been going really well, he put on a good amount of weight this week
He pee'd all over the nurses table.
He is very alert and smiles
Overall result-very good!!

Jett is now a Breast AND Formula fed boy.
My Supply is low and healthy diet and blessed thistle haven't been helping..supply and demand didn't seem to boost it either.. So he is having about 80% breast and 20% Formula and It seems to be better for us all, i feel better knowing that he is actually getting a feed, i was concerned that he wasn't getting enough breast milk and even expressing it at times i was lucky to get 40mls. I was so worried the health nurse would dog me for it because I have heard they are all boob nazi's.. But I sat and told her what was happening and how I was worried that he wasn't getting enough and she suggested i try both Breast & Formula.. I didn't know you could use both of them together, i always thought it was just one or the other. So everything seems to be going ok there, I always had set in my mind that I wouldn't be a breast or a formula person, i would be a "feed" person, meaning whatever the bub gets is best for them.. BUT, having said that, i Do want to keep him having that bit of breast milk for it's antibodies (seriously right, it has fucking superpowers!!! Jett had a Blocked tear Duct and the nurse suggested we put preast milk on a cotton ball and wipe it and it will go away... i laughed saying as sif right... Sure enough, i tired it that night-the next morning it was GONE!-This is what convinced me to not go completly with formula)


Thats all i wanted to say here, i will post more pictures when I can be bothered fishing the camera out of the car!

March 29th, 2007

(no subject)

Dawwww... I just changed Jett into his spunky little growth suit (it's white and makes him look like elvis minus the peanut butter sandwhich!) and he just threw up all over my doona and himself so he had to get changed all over again!

People keep asking me about lack of sleep etc..well. Jett sleeps through the night. We had to wake him for middle of the night feed but since he has put on a little weight the maternal health nurse said we do not have to wake him up and he can sleep for 5-6 and a half hours if he wants (He used to be fed 4 hrly through the night and 3 hrly during the day).. So I get plenty of sleep, we go to bed around 11,, he wakes at around 4.30- 5.30 for a feed then goes back to sleep (at about 6.30) until about 9-10ish. He really is a good baby, he has hat unbsettled period of the day around 6.30pm ish but it doesn't last ling and he usually cries it out then settles with a big fat snuggle from his daddy.

People say steralising bottles is a pain in the arse..I don't find it bad, I express for some feeds and at night David sterilises all the bottles, it takes a grand total of 6 minutes to do the bottles and that's nothng really.

We still haven't gotten our photo's from the hospital photos he had taken, I hope they arrive soon..If they are not here by Monday I am going to give them a ring and find out what's happened to them, I really hope they haven't gotten lost or anything like that because they were taken the day after he was born.

He has started to really open his eyes alot now, the first week or two he didn't do that very much, It doesn't help that he has a blocked tear duct which made him keep that one eye shut (He has the nickname "wink") but now they are open and exploring, the health nurse said he is very alert and looks like he has been here before..My mum also said the same thing. Ohhh his eyes are starting to do their colour change aswell, their real eye colour doesn't fully come through until they r 6 months old so it's interesting to see how they have changed, they were crystal blue at birth now they r a dark grey blue, David thinks he will be a brown eyed baby, I don't mind what colour they are, they will still be beautiful to me. His hair is also starting to lighten up, it's turning a tad blonde!

I feel like we have been so busy with him lately, like we don't stop, but when I think about it, David & I are doing everything we did before Jett came along, we still go out, watch tv, go on computer,play playstation, shop, etc..

We took Jett to John's 40th, he spent most of the day in Ava's room sleeping and was awake long enough for cuddles from Aunty Karen and Cousin Suzie.
He goes food shopping with us and it's a laugh (Lollies magically appear in the trolley and apparently Jett puts them there!)
This weekend we are going to Mim and dad's house because some friends and family will be there to see mum off and also meet Jett.
Next week we have Good Friday dinner at andi's house and Lunch with Mum as she leaves that day.
Then Easter Sunday which the only reason we are going is because my Nonna hasn't met Jett yet so we are using that day basically so Jett can meet the "Patane" side.
Then hopefully the following week we get a chance to fuck off on a holiday for a couple of weeks!!

The days here are quiet and we have gotten into a little bit of a routine which is good I guess, i know he is still young (3 weeks today) and of course everything is going to change and he may have the witching hours where he cries for hours and we do expect it all to happen, but right now I am loving how everything is going with Jett in our lives!
David also bought me the old Horrorpop's cd as a suprise, he got it imported from USA for me and sent me an email yesterday saying "This is the suprise for you, you should get it in the mail in a few weeks, its because you are being a great new mum"... So sweet!

Oh and lol-I give Jett his baths and he fucking bawls like an um...baby. David gave him one last night and he is so calm and content, like seriously wtf hahhaa!

March 28th, 2007

(no subject)

Jett had his 2 week maternal health nurse visit yesterday.
I went well, he has put on weight which is really good, his hearing, eye sight and reflexes are all good.
Next visit in 2 weeks time

March 20th, 2007

(no subject)

Thought while Jett is asleep i would make a quick update here.

Everything seems to be going well, he is 2 weeks old on Thursday, like far out it's gone by so quickly and I see changes in his everyday. he is so much like David, his facial expressions, his eyes..

Still BreastFeeding-I have hit the point yesterday where i was ready just to give up but now I am more determined thenever not to. I'm no boob nazi, i should state that i believe any feed that gets into your baby is what is best for them be it formula or breast. I was getting a bit sore from feeding, breast feeding ISN'T meant to be painful, he was latching properly..i was just getting sore.
Yesterday david bought me a breast pump.. It works really good and last night David was actually able to feed his own son with a bottle, that was a pretty cool moment.

He has put on some weight which is also good. last week he got weighed a few times and at one stage he hadn't put on or lost any weight so the midwives kept having to come back n check it which was a bit of a pain.

David & I have forms to fill out to nominate our midwife for the "midwife of the year" she really was that fantastic, I stole the forms from the hospital on my way out.

It seems that everyone is concerned about me losing weight and i am not. I honestly don't give two shits if I lose or put on weight, right now I am happy with how I am (FYI-I acually have a flatterer stomach then i did pre pregnancy), I cannot believe how much pressure people put on you about it or say "oh your walking-thats great, will be good for weight loss" like seriously, as if that's the first thing on my mind..The only thing on my mind right now is giving my son the best start in life and being a family and a good mother and i wish there wasn't so much fucking vanity in this world..

Jett has started to open his eyes up more, The first few days he wouldn't really open them at all, turns out he had a blocked tear duct on one of his eyes, now he opens them all the time. He has the most beautiful eyes in the world, i could just stare at them for the rest of my life and do nothing else.

He has gotten so many cute outfits the past weeks from friends and family and this week david & I are going to order him some little metal jumpsuits and jerry sailor stuff..dawww :D

March 14th, 2007

(no subject)

Thought while I had a little bit of quiet time, i would post my birth story and a couple of pictures!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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March 10th, 2007

(no subject)


It's a boy!

Jett David Box

Born: 8 March 2007 at 8.05pm
Weight: 6lbs, 13ozs

Will post story & pics when I can...


March 6th, 2007

(no subject)

Hey everyone,

I am now 41w 2 d... (completly and utterly failing at Feb!!)

Just a quick update letting you all know i am going in tomorrow morning to be induced, I have to ring the hospital at 6.30am to see if there is a bed, if there is then I will go in at 7.30am. if there isn't a bed available then hopefully they will have one for me some time tomorrow afternoon.

Today i went to he midwives and they realised they had booked me into the midwives today instead of booking me into a doctor so it all got rushed through then I had to go to Monash Hospital and have a monitor thing done on the babies heart (I *tthink* in America it is called a non stress test?), man that was SO cool.. The babies heart beat usually hovers around the 140 mark, it was cool to see when I have movement that the heartrate can go way up to 160-170 then drop down right away to 130, They said the heart was great no problems, then i went to have an ultrasound done to measure the amount of amniotic fluid around the baby, if there isn't much then they basically put me into hospital today, there is enough in there which is good and my placenta is "aged" because i am obviously overdue. We got to see our baby on the screen and the midwife took 2 photo's for us and showed us everything of the baby, she was REALLY great!

So yeh.. I went a bit nervous because it felt like it was all happening so quickly at the midwife clinic, rushing to get me the tests done and book me right into the hospital.
And oh yeh, internal done-fun..not! And i am STILL completly closed up there..what a stubborn baby!!!! The midwife student said to me "must b a boy-taking its time!" hehe, We don't know the sex of the baby but i also agreed with her that it is a boy, David said it is a girl-one of us is right!!

So hopefully the next post i write will be "OMG I AM A MUM"!!


March 4th, 2007

(no subject)

Well, i just did a massive post to this journal but accidently deleted it so now you can have a survey instead:
pregnancyCollapse )

March 1st, 2007

(no subject)

The last thing I said to few last night (at 1am-ish) was "I better go to sleep, try get some just incase"..

I woke up at 5am with period like pain ripping through my body again, my lower back was in so much pain and I just lyed there until davids alarm went off at 5.30am and told him.
I was have tinges of pain like this yesterday afternoon but I only mentioned it in conversation to david at some stage and didn't make a big deal out of it.
Im used to the crampyness-the midwife said it is normal and it's the bodies way or preparing you and a good sign, blah blah blah..

Well, i was coping fine this morning, until David opened the drawer and got a pair of socks, closed the drawer enough for it to make a noise..and it set off my nerves.
For those who don't know, I have had nervous anxiety for the past10-12 years of my life and the past year and a half I have had it all calm and under control.
Cut to me shaking and bursting into tears. david felt terrible because he didn't mean to shut the drawer completly, I was being REALLY snappy at him because i was in pain, he went to heat up my heat pack while i went to the toilet, when i came out i basically ended up on my knees leaning over my bed for half n hour just shaking my hand and zoning in and out while David rubbed my lower back, then he eventually lifted me up and put me into bed.
It was fucking horrible and this is only the BEGINNING.
So of course, my nerves well and truly set in this morning, Not so much the pain factor of it..it was the fact that my nerves went to the shit and i started yelling at David so easily, of course he understood, but It just made me feel terrible doing it.
David kept saying "do u want nurofen, i will get younurofen.." i declined, i hate taking nurofen/panadol etc at anytime and I didn't wanna just fall back on it now.

I was back in bed, just crying, david didn't want to go incase the pains got worse and turned into full blown contractions or something..I musthave dosed off because i woke up at 10.30am after the phone rang and Miss Mötley was lying under the covers next to my belly and i was feeling much better.

I wish all these practise pangs would eventuate into MORE!

February 25th, 2007

No baby yet.

I hate mothers who are know-it-all's -Just because your kid did something, does not mean mine will.
Just because your tummy was higher or lower and you felt sick and your baby came on time and you were over your pregnancy, means shit all to me.

NO i am not over being pregnant.
NO the baby has NOT came yet.
YES i am getting sick of people ringing 45 times a day and narking it because I have not called to let them know if I have or haven't had the baby.
NO I am not nesting and NOT ALL WOMEN FUCKING NEST.
YES it is common for women to go overdue- only 3% of babies arrive on their due date, why can't people understand that when i tell them..
NO we don't know the sex of the baby and NO we don't have a preference.
YES I feel fine,I feel good, so stop asking how I am feeling.
NO I am not scared or nervous about labour.


I feel like there is SO much pressure on me at the moment to ring everyone and tell them what is going on-Like because u know, we are made of money and want to spend all of our time ringing every single person in our phone books just to tell them "No we haven't had baby yet". I wish some people would just back off and give us a little space without calling us so many times a day, i have 2 friends who are leaving numerous amounts of messages on our home phone saying "My god your hard to catch up with, have u had the baby yet, we haven't heard form you..WHY??". I have sms'd them both saying "No baby. WE WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN WE HAVE IT" and another friend who keeps ringing me and asking me sympathetically "aww, how u feeeling?? u must be over it by now" Grrr..

And i know everyone means well and they are excited for me/us and i feel bad that i should even have to make a post like this but i needed to vent it all.

And how is this for nice, David wasn't meant to work yesterday, but the old guy at his work (one how ISN'T a complete and utter asshole) came up to david and gave him his home phone number and said "look David, u need to work tomorrow for the money more then i do ok, You can have my Saturday and if your wife (?) goes into labour anytime tonight, you ring me ok and i will come back and do my shift." David felt a bit bad that this guy was giving up his 6 hours for David (that works out about 500 bucks extra pay just for them hours-after tax). But it was so lovely, so when david told me, i cried at how sweet this guy was to give his day to david aswell as his number just incase.

Anyways, Time for bed

February 18th, 2007

Week 39

This is mainly for my own peace of mind..

Hospital Bag is packed minus a couple of things.

Camera, cd's, pillow, cold drinks from fridge (powerades, bottled water, labour aid), David's stuff (magazines, shorts, sleepwear). Note on fridge to remind to feed cats before leaving to hospital.

Birth Unit number is in phone just incase, Phone numbers of people to call are in bag, an email is already set up to be sent out to people who will be notified that way.

Must also remember to pack Nurofen (I react to Panadol).

No Birth Plan written as i am a "Go with the Flow" kind of person I do not feel the need to have a plan. It is on my forms though, No panadol and would prefer not to be given pethadine.

Consent given for baby to have shots directly after birth aswell as blood test every hour for 3 hours and a dose of formula if required due to sugar levels bought on by gestational diabetes.

House needs to be cleaned today, clean out bird cage, clean car inside & out, clean fridge, move bottles to downstairs...Hopefully clean out babies cupboard and put in just baby stuff.
Wash cot sheets.

And now my baby is just basically "hanging out" waiting for that elusive moment when all sysytems synchronize in my body to trigger the labor process.

You can come out bub, we are ready for you :)
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