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September 9th, 2008

(no subject)

I cannot even remember the last time i did a post in my baby LJ!
Anyway thought i would give some sort of an update, i am so terrible at updating livejournal all together- my bad.

Ok so Jett is 18 months old now, holy shit time flies huh? We had a health nurse checkup today and all is well.
Jett weighs 10.6 kilos which means he has only put on about 1.3 kilos in 6 months which isn't very much- BUT he is VERY active, runs and plays non stop so the health nurse sees no concern for him being just below average in weight.
he is 82cm in height aswell which means he grew only 6cm in 6 months, so he is only little.
other then that the health nurse is very happy with his progress, she said he seems very inquisative and very happy.

Jett is still in Size zero- Can u believe it? how tiny is that! All the other bubs in mums group re in 1's and some in 2's and here islittle jett in a zero! It sucks because I bought him a whole huge wardrobe of size 1's for winter and now winters over and he won't fit into any ofthem, what a waste ofmoney..I was thinking of selling the bulk lot on Ebay, its all brand new hasn't been worn at all, price tags still on it all so surely i'd get something..no point in us having a wardrobe full of clothes that he isn't going to wear!

He is driving me crazy! seriously he doesn't STOP. Running constantly, being so cheeky..started hitting me with closed fist (Apparently VERY normal for his age), sits on the cat like he is going on a ride. Forever saying "Whats that?" and "GOAL!" and "Aww Cool!".

He has 12 teeth now and the health nurse checked his teeth today and said she sees eye teeth coming down- aaaaaaargh!!!!!!!

Um, what else? hmmm...He eats everything, actually he is a very good eater- the only thing he isn't a fan of is bacon & ham. not sure why either. but he eats anything and everything else- I even got the poor kid to eat an olive..AND omg. He took a slice of lemon out of my drink the other day and sat and happily ate it..Didn't even pull a sour face! hehe.

Overall things are going awesome. he is at that age where he just wants to play and run and he is VERY understanding and full of kisses & cuddles, i love it! I so so sooo want another baby, I wish i didn't have a thyroid problem- bloood! *Shakes fist*.

January 22nd, 2008

(no subject)

I got this email today froma baby site.. on what my 11 month old should be doing..

sorry its all not typed out right.. couldn't be bothered fixing it.

Ok.. Jett turned 10 and a half months old today..

<td></td><td valign="top" width="385">
How your baby plays now
1.He cruises along the furniture, standing up without your help. (JETT IS TAKING LIKE ^ STEPS AT A TIME
2.His babbling begins to have the intonation of language. (SAYS MUM DAD CAR)
3.He pulls himself up and sits again with confidence. (HAS BEEN SINCE HE WAS 6 MONTHS)
4.He knows that smaller objects fit in larger ones. (YEP)
6.He knows the word “no,” but may not be able to refrain from trying something anyway. (KNOWS IT.. IGNORES IT..LAUGHS BECAUSE HE KNOWS HE SHOULD STOP WHAT HE IS DOING)

pretty interesting huh?

November 19th, 2007

(no subject)

Jett is now 8 months and a week or so old... I cannot believe how quick it has gone!
He now crawls, he pulls himself up onto the couch into standing position..and he also walks along the couch but holding on..the health nurse today said it won;t be long til he starts walking..I hope he at least waits a little longer. It all becomes a bit harder when they are mobile
Jett is a MENACE, like woah.
He gets in mums group and crawls OVER babies tummies..like he doesn't even acknowledge they r there..poor kids. he is such a bully. i find myself saying "Jett..NO!" more then anything now.
He says mum, and this week it's been "dad", like everything that comes out of his mouth is dad dad dad.

He had his 8month check up today,. Everything is going perfecto mondo.
he weighs 8.2 kilos and is 69cm long. which is all a good size etc for his age.

He is such a good baby, laughing and smiling all of the time..god i luv him.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Halloween pic, he went as a pirate!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I put his hair like Vivien formthe young ones lmao.

August 25th, 2007

5 and a half months old.

wow..i just read back on my entire bubbahbox journal and I cannot believe how much my little bub ha grown and how he has developed..It's amazing!

Jett is rolling over now heaps..and it isn't just rolling once..It is a continuous roll over and over and over and i often find him on the other side of the room, under the table, under thehighchair unde rhis rocker.god it's hilarious!

He laughs SO much, he is very ticklish and he gets into hysterical laughing when i tickle him..and when i put on a funny voice like I am Dr Claw from Inspector Gadget.. he thinks thats probably the most funniest thing in the world that i do..hahhaa.

He has been on solids for the past few weeks and now he is pretty much on schedule with food time. he knows to sit in his highchair n lean foreward for his bib then lean back and wait for food.. he is having rice cereal or fruit for brekky and vegies for dinner, i don't think we r ready to step up to 3 meals a day just yet, i feel he is going fine on the 2. he isn't digging his vegies that much though..he has had pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, carrot, parsnip and sweetcorn. Not all to into any of them though.
He is sorta fussy with his fruits, hes had pears, apples, berries (not strawberries though because its one of the highly allergic foods at this age) apricots and bananas..
he has also had chicken and lamb with vegies and didn't really like them.
This kid loves when I make apple custard though, like he cannot get enough of the stuff n as soon as he's taken a mouthful he's wanting more and more!!
Oh! he has also had vegemite on toast a few times and enjoys that too!!!

Everything seems to be going well, i cannot wait until we move and theres no stairs to go up all the time (k, well theres 2 stairs as its split level but thats far better then 16!!)

Mums groups going well and we all seem to be developing friendships now which is great, i been to lunch with a couple of them and I get along with them well, like no awkward silences!! I can't believe how all our babies r growing up and how they r all the same age yet so different to each other. Jett and another bub are proxy twins..they seem to have created the exact same routines.. If theres a night grace doesnt sleep..Jett wont have slept it either, jett cries, garce cries, Grace laughs, jett laughs..

Anyways, i thought I would pop heaps of pics under the cut, some may be a few i've posted on my other journal, i have been so slack with this one!!!

JettCollapse )

July 16th, 2007

(no subject)

I'm thinking of having mums group at my house friday week.
I have been thinking about foods that everyone has cooked and trying to figure out whatthe hell I would cook.
Here is what has been cooked so far.

week 1.
Green thai curry
tepura vegies
orange cake.

week 2.
3 different risottos
lamb rissoles with sweet chilli dipping sauce
peri chicken wings
choc mudcake.

week 3.
fried rice
slices, strawberries

and now we are up to week 4 which is at another chicks house, then onthatday i am going to volunteer to have it at mine the following friday.
This has led me to the wtf do i cook question. Seriously uts been bugginbg me since we finished mums group at the gwendoline centre and started having it at other peoples houses.
This morning I decided i would make fried rice, sweet n sour chicken and a few other things.
Then I thought nah, not a good idea. i wanted more stuff.
So I made my descision, provided melissa doesn't do it this week.
i am doing a huge roast lunch for us all.
My god, roasts are easy peasy.

I'm doing
roast chickens
honey carrots
couliflower n cheese bake
garlic bread

and then dessert.
I have decided I am going to do a chocolate ripple cake
a trifle
and one other thing, maybe a cheesecake or profiterols or a caramel tart or choc cake..
ah not sure yet.
everythings going to be SO easy to make and desserts I can do the day before anyways.


I'm so excited about it!

July 11th, 2007

(no subject)

Jett had his 4 month immunisations and rototeq today.
He screamed when he got them but stopped right away.
He loves the rototeq one, It is an oral one so he must like the taste of it or something!!

July 2nd, 2007

(no subject)

Jett chattering to me while occasionally stopping to dance to music on tv.
Hope it works!

June 21st, 2007

(no subject)

Today we had another Mums group meet, this time it was at one of the mum's houses, it was so funny though, we all sat around and it was like we kinda felt like someone needed to start the group off since we used to have the mothercraft lady do it for us!!
The Girls house we had it at today omfg, was such a gorgeous house, Mines a hole compared to hers, i swear!! She also cooked so much awesome food so its high expectations all round now!!
I just adore these girls, i don't feel like there is competition between us and we learn from each other aswell.
One of the mums was saying how last week she saw that jett was rolling onto his side and she went home and had a bit of a sulk about it to her partner, she said she was kinda comparing her bub to mine..BUT..she learnt from it, she noticed i give jett toys on the sides of him which makes him want to roll and look that way where she was just giving her son toys hanging over his head so he was lying there looking upwards. So this week she gave him toys on his sides and now he rolls to his side aswell... and its just awesome that instead of crying about it, she learnt from it and I feel proud of her for stopping and assessing the situation and learning from it.
I took Jett's ladybug play mat over for the bubs to play on aswell, It was cute, a few of them went on it and I left it for one of the mums to pop her son on it for the week and she'll give it back next week!

Jett and i left there and walked to the shops to do grocery shopping, It was a really nice walk aswell, the neighbourhood was really nice and the weather was slightly cool but nice too. Jett slept through the whole walk but when i put him in the capsule of the trolley he woke up and just grinned..but then he stopped and looked around as if to ask "where are all my friends gone mummy!" lol.

June 18th, 2007

(no subject)

wednesday night I put Jett down for Tummy Time.
Now I have mentioned this before, you put him on his tummy & usuallyhe bawls..
Put him down & the cheeky monkey put his arms foreward & his head up! omg!!! I squeeled & David flew downstairs to look.
And if that wasn't enough...
Last night he rolled from his tummy to his back- TWICE!!

PICTURES!!!!!Collapse )

June 14th, 2007

(no subject)

Firstly I should start this post with how proud I am of Jett right now.

For the past few weeks we have noticed he only turns his head to one side, Since forever my health nurse has always told me to try encourage him to turn his head to the other side, I assumed it was because of flat spots or something. WELL..The nurse at new mums group mentioned it last week and told me it isn't to do with the flat spot, She thinks he may have actually been crampy in the womb which tightened the muscles on one side and one session with the osteopath place would fix it.. she also said this could be the main reason he won't hold his head up when doing tummy time.

Since she told me that, david & i said we would take him to the osteo joint and I said i would call them this week, i haven't done it yet..BECAUSE... I wanted to try thngs myself first.. so every night when Jett goes to bed, i turn his head to the side he never has it on, I have been doing this since last thursday and the past 2 days he has been able to turn his head to the other side without a hassle, AND when doing tummy time yesterday..he just held his head up by himself..like out of the blue! He cannot do it as well as the other bubs at his age but to go from nothing.to holding it up.. wowers..proud? much. I really think it was because I have been doing some neck excesizes and the nurse today said that even she noticed the improvement and how fantastic it is, so i feel awesome now!

new mums group finished today and now we are all on our own to organise meet ups etc. so next week we are going to one of the mums houses for lunch which should be nice. The girlys all know i don't drive and offered to pick me up and dropme off and take my carseat and bolt it into the extra bolt intheir cars or drop their bub off at mum group and ocme get me etc...how nice right? One of the mums gave us all a photo today that she took a couple of weeks ago of all our babies together in a circle..so damn cute! I wil have to scan it or something when i can!
Today we did baby massage, Jett loved it and I enjoyed giving him one aswell.. the room was all heated and cosy for them all sooo cute :D

June 9th, 2007

(no subject)

I was just reading back on all the entries on my bubbahbox journal, It is the journal i write all my baby stuff in.
I just finished reading my labour story and my god I am so fucking proud of myself.
I didn't cry, i didn't get stressed or nervous, infact I chatted my way through pushing and made jokes about wanting to take the stirupps home, and I wasn't even high on drugs at the time!

I cried once I had him, It was the "omg we have a baby" cry. I cried the day before I had him because i missed my kittys.. but that it all!

I think the reason i had such a good labour and pregnancy is because I relaxed the whole time and did not stress about anything, even when n labour and Jett's heart rate kept dropping, I didn't stress about it, I just kept being positive.
I wonder if I ever have another baby, If everything will go as well as it did first time around.

I'm all teary reading back on my entries, like.. princess_erin20and i always say "omg u have a baby" and it is still that way, i still it and look at Jett and go "omg I can't believe I had you.." because its just...wow :D

And I also laugh reading back on some things, like how mothers out there always tell you thinks and half the time you just want to tell them to get long because you want to experience it yourself.. well... I find myself doing it now.. i think i start most sentences to pregnant women off as "Oh when i was pregnant...". I try stop myself because it is their experience and I should let them have their moments and step back out of the spotlight. I am hwever always here to chat about things and answer questions about anything, omg I love doing it! franno asks me stuff all the time and I feel SO special when she does. like..that she takes the time to email me and ask me and it makes me feel great. the girl across the road does the same thing!! :D

I loved being pregnant, I miss my tummy and the kicking so much!

June 7th, 2007

(no subject)

I was even more lazy then ever today for mums group.

I took a packet of mixed MnM's and a bowl..LOL..and it's SO funny because eveyrone was like "OMG MnM's YUMMMM" haha, I rock.

Today we talked about partners and if we get free time and are able to do things and eat etc as a couple and if you can go out and do things and stuff like that.
I was telling them how we go out all the time, we still bowl, we went on holiday we eat out at restraunts etc..and told them how my best friend gave me one of the best pieces of advice.. "The babe fits in with you, you don't fit in with them" and it is so true.

We were also given everyones phone numbers today, it will be interesting to see if I keep in contact with anyone. i dunno, I mean..I like them all and they are all lovely and chat to me, but sometimes i question if i fit in or not.. they r all mumsy and wear jeans and latest tops and heres me rocking up with big skull boots and skull cardigan and multicoloured hair.. yet we all get along and stuff, I dunno.. I think there will be a few outings, but i wonder if any certain one will just ring me up and ask if i wanna go for coffee.. ya know?

Next week we are doing baby massage, That will be pretty cool, i give Jett little back massages but not a full body one, I'm sure he will love it though.. we learnt about using mineral oils on babies aswell so I went out and bought mineral oil free massage oil tonight for Jett. I didn't even know wtf mineral oil was or what it was in, but reading about how it suffocates the skin etc, i just got all paranoid.

Meanwhile my son is LOVING baths lately, and even when i give them!! he splashes his heart out when davids at the end of the bath standing and watching and he gets him all satched! bwahaha. We have a sort of Bath routine. david fills p the bath, i get jetts hair washed then as I am washing the rest if him david come sin for a chat, then Jett has a splash around and we get him out and dry him and dress him together, i think it is a good family time and we have done that since day one. We also use the gorgeous bathtime wash that princess_erin20 bought him, It smells so calming and yummy.

Did you know you can give babies chamomile tea? i didn't know that. We were talking about it today, its apparently very good for babies.

I was chatting to the nurse today about jett, he favoursputting his head on ne side and you basically have to force his head to the other side, My health nurse had mentioned it and just said to keep enoucraging him to face it the other way, but the nurse today said it may be the way he was positioned in the womb, like his neck may have been squished and the muscles are now to tight. It isn't a mssive issue, but it can down the line cause small problems with development, so I am going to book him into a pathio-osteo-watsa-makdoovit this week and they do one session and hopefully the problem will be solved, and it could also be the reason why tummy times so difficult because his heads always on that side it doesn't give him the chance to hold his head up properly.. I feel better knowing itin't my fault or anything i am doing.

Jett is 3 months tomorrow, god it goes so quickly!

June 4th, 2007

(no subject)

Something upset me on the weekend when we were at my Dads house.

We were eating lunch and i was holding Jett while I was eating, he was awake and really content just sitting there and looking around, and i was fine holding him, i am so used to it that it doesn't worry me, i was only eating a roll.. and my dad had finished his lunch and goes: "here, I'll take Jett, you look like your REALLY struggling there"..

I hate that he needs to say something like that just for a hold, why not ask or just take him or even just say "You finish your lunch and i'll give him some cuddles".

I hate that i sometimes get messages from my sister that says things like: "You should get mum or dad to change Jetts nappy one time", "You should let mum feed Jett before she gos", "Dad didn't get a hold when you guys came over before mum left" "Mum feels like your pushing her away" AND also gets bitchy that we don't go over there all of the time, She sends messages saying "oh well, see you sometime then..", "we'll just see you if your ever free"...

I confronted my mum before she left to Ireland, i asked her "Do you think i am pushing you away because thats what Misty said to me", she was shocked that i asked and that misty would say something like that... it turns out that mum was upset because before i had Jett and she was in Australia, she would tell me to sit while she did dishes when all i wanted to do was help and i kept saying "I am pregnant, not disabled" when she just wanted me to take it easy. And also her and Misty came over and didn't hold Jett because they thought i would get angry for just picking him up.. Like seriously wtf.. In the end I just said "Look don't hang around waiting for me to offer because i won't, If you want a hold, Just ask or just bloody well pick him up".

I just thought of all this when i was emailing a good friend about her pregnancy and how her child will be the first grandchild aswell.. we know parents mean well..but god..sometimes you just want them to back off that little bit. i was so upset my dad said I looked like i was struggling, it had me questioning my own parenting skills.

May 30th, 2007

(no subject)

Jett had his roto-teq oral immunisation today.
He was such a good bubby, in fact- he wanted more once the nurse had finished feeding it to him! lol

May 24th, 2007

(no subject)

When I was pregnant, A few people said "The worse thing after having the baby is you can't get out of bed for hours after".
I assume that is true if you just had a C-Section?
But i didn't.. and as soon as the epidural wore off I was out of the bed and having a shower and walking around.
*laughs*, I remember getting off the bed to go have a shower, i took my gown off and took a step and nearly fell over because my foot still hadn't fully gained feeling in it, god it was funny..you know when your walking and yiur foot just gives way on you..bwahaha.
I had one of the hospital gowns, I did not plan on using one, i had bought in a singlet with me..but when they offered me one ijust took it and i found it to be better, I didn't have to take it home to wash and it was loose fitting and didn't make me feel all hot or anything either.

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(no subject)

New Mums Group today was good.

It went way over, I didn't get out of there until 5pm when it usually finishes by 4pm!
The mothers are all so lovely and jealous of Jetts cool clothes- asking me where i got his top from and his little socks and his bib (bib says "rockabilly baby!")

Jett was wearing the same pants as one of the little girls, bwahaha. they are just white velvet ones with a bear on itm like unisex from Target but still funny!
Today we talked about childcare/playgroup etc and also about playtime and some things you can make for babies like books and empty bottles with stuff inside of them like bells or water or pasta etc.
After that we just sit around and eat and go round n chat to other mums, i really only spoke to 2 mums there today but one of them i hadnt spoken to last week so that was good, It is funny to hear their stories like one mum had never ever used a parents room at shops because she wasnt sure what to do etc so we were tellinbg her how great the ones r in our area and how clean they always are and stuff, she said she just goes in between feeds n changes so she doesn't have to change her at the shops etc.. like jesus!

The little bub that was born prem doesn't feed, her mother has to basically force feed her every 3 hours because she doesn't cry for food at all. It must be so tiring on her and her husband, she was saying her bub is on 2 diff things for reflux, plus stuff to get her weight up and shes been in and out of hospital a few times because she drinks then throws up her food and ends up dehydrated..poor lil thing.

So yeh.. 3 more weeks left of it. We get a print out of phone numbers or whatever next week so we can continue the group afterwards but I don't know how i will go because i don't drive and it's gonna b a bit of a pain catching the bus to a different place each week/fortnight. it means I have to look up online the bus stop and plan the trip.. I best get my arse into gear with a liscence..I have a brand new car just waiting to be driven..i am soo slack!

May 23rd, 2007

(no subject)

My Goddess there are some generous people in this world..


(no subject)

I keep forgetting to say that I love Sex and The City so much that when I was in labour, David read me my satc trivia cards!!

(no subject)

You know, I think I say it at least 10 times a day.. "david, Can you believe we made jett... he is life.. soley created by us..and solely dependant on us.."
Its amazing.

May 22nd, 2007

(no subject)

I have been wanting to talk about me joining "New Mum's group" all week now, but it seems I have been hit with more critisism then I thought I would.

David's sister told me that I am going to completley change now and start wearing beige twin sets and turn into a complete Bree Vander Kamp and oh, It will also suck the life out of me.
My Sister and Dad laughed at me when I told them.
A few others can't believe I am going.

There has only been a small handful who have actually said to me "Good on you, thats really good, did you enjoy it, tell me all about it etc"

To be quite honest, It has downright hurt my feelings that people have reacted this way when they should just be happy for me.

Detailed version of our firstday at mums group, You dont have to read it if it isnt really for you..Collapse )
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