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I was even more lazy then ever today for mums group. I took a packet…

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I was even more lazy then ever today for mums group.

I took a packet of mixed MnM's and a bowl..LOL..and it's SO funny because eveyrone was like "OMG MnM's YUMMMM" haha, I rock.

Today we talked about partners and if we get free time and are able to do things and eat etc as a couple and if you can go out and do things and stuff like that.
I was telling them how we go out all the time, we still bowl, we went on holiday we eat out at restraunts etc..and told them how my best friend gave me one of the best pieces of advice.. "The babe fits in with you, you don't fit in with them" and it is so true.

We were also given everyones phone numbers today, it will be interesting to see if I keep in contact with anyone. i dunno, I mean..I like them all and they are all lovely and chat to me, but sometimes i question if i fit in or not.. they r all mumsy and wear jeans and latest tops and heres me rocking up with big skull boots and skull cardigan and multicoloured hair.. yet we all get along and stuff, I dunno.. I think there will be a few outings, but i wonder if any certain one will just ring me up and ask if i wanna go for coffee.. ya know?

Next week we are doing baby massage, That will be pretty cool, i give Jett little back massages but not a full body one, I'm sure he will love it though.. we learnt about using mineral oils on babies aswell so I went out and bought mineral oil free massage oil tonight for Jett. I didn't even know wtf mineral oil was or what it was in, but reading about how it suffocates the skin etc, i just got all paranoid.

Meanwhile my son is LOVING baths lately, and even when i give them!! he splashes his heart out when davids at the end of the bath standing and watching and he gets him all satched! bwahaha. We have a sort of Bath routine. david fills p the bath, i get jetts hair washed then as I am washing the rest if him david come sin for a chat, then Jett has a splash around and we get him out and dry him and dress him together, i think it is a good family time and we have done that since day one. We also use the gorgeous bathtime wash that princess_erin20 bought him, It smells so calming and yummy.

Did you know you can give babies chamomile tea? i didn't know that. We were talking about it today, its apparently very good for babies.

I was chatting to the nurse today about jett, he favoursputting his head on ne side and you basically have to force his head to the other side, My health nurse had mentioned it and just said to keep enoucraging him to face it the other way, but the nurse today said it may be the way he was positioned in the womb, like his neck may have been squished and the muscles are now to tight. It isn't a mssive issue, but it can down the line cause small problems with development, so I am going to book him into a pathio-osteo-watsa-makdoovit this week and they do one session and hopefully the problem will be solved, and it could also be the reason why tummy times so difficult because his heads always on that side it doesn't give him the chance to hold his head up properly.. I feel better knowing itin't my fault or anything i am doing.

Jett is 3 months tomorrow, god it goes so quickly!
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