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Firstly I should start this post with how proud I am of Jett right…

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Firstly I should start this post with how proud I am of Jett right now.

For the past few weeks we have noticed he only turns his head to one side, Since forever my health nurse has always told me to try encourage him to turn his head to the other side, I assumed it was because of flat spots or something. WELL..The nurse at new mums group mentioned it last week and told me it isn't to do with the flat spot, She thinks he may have actually been crampy in the womb which tightened the muscles on one side and one session with the osteopath place would fix it.. she also said this could be the main reason he won't hold his head up when doing tummy time.

Since she told me that, david & i said we would take him to the osteo joint and I said i would call them this week, i haven't done it yet..BECAUSE... I wanted to try thngs myself first.. so every night when Jett goes to bed, i turn his head to the side he never has it on, I have been doing this since last thursday and the past 2 days he has been able to turn his head to the other side without a hassle, AND when doing tummy time yesterday..he just held his head up by himself..like out of the blue! He cannot do it as well as the other bubs at his age but to go from nothing.to holding it up.. wowers..proud? much. I really think it was because I have been doing some neck excesizes and the nurse today said that even she noticed the improvement and how fantastic it is, so i feel awesome now!

new mums group finished today and now we are all on our own to organise meet ups etc. so next week we are going to one of the mums houses for lunch which should be nice. The girlys all know i don't drive and offered to pick me up and dropme off and take my carseat and bolt it into the extra bolt intheir cars or drop their bub off at mum group and ocme get me etc...how nice right? One of the mums gave us all a photo today that she took a couple of weeks ago of all our babies together in a circle..so damn cute! I wil have to scan it or something when i can!
Today we did baby massage, Jett loved it and I enjoyed giving him one aswell.. the room was all heated and cosy for them all sooo cute :D
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